Apartment Hunting & Furniture Shopping

So in my last post, I mentioned that I was moving away to Florida to go to college.  I decided to rent a one bedroom apartment instead of staying in the dorm rooms because I have bad anxiety living with people I don’t know.  The good thing about living in an apartment is I’ll have space to myself.  The downside is the size of the apartment.  I never knew how lucky I was to live in a house with my parents until I saw the size of my apartment.  It is tiny!  It’s a one bedroom, but it’s a one bedroom for kids.  Or midgets.  Or a mouse.  Not for a grown woman.

So as you can already guess, finding furniture and appliances for my tiny one bedroom wasn’t going to be easy.  I had to go looking for a small fridge best for condo or apartment because the apartment didn’t come with any appliances or furniture.  I also had to look for a tiny microwave, tiny toaster and all the other appliances I would need to use.  The good thing about my apartment is that it has in house laundry and dryer.  But again, it is tiny.

I went to IKEA to look for furniture because they tend to have smaller sized tables and chairs.  I picked out a couch that can pretty much only fit 3 people (3 small people), and it also turns into a bed.  I got two really pretty white chairs and a brown coffee table.  Then I purchased a small dining set that seats 4.  I was thinking if I had people over, then I could always take those dining chairs and place them around the coffee table for more seating.  I also picked up a small TV unit.  It’s basically just four shelves put together that turns into a TV table.  You can also use this as storage.


As a going away present, my parents bought me a TV for my new place.  It’s a little big for my apartment (what isn’t), but the bigger TV, the better.

Shopping for such a small apartment is actually quite hard.  Stores don’t usually have their pieces made for small spaces.  Usually, it’s the bigger the better.  I really had to hunt for the best fridge for tiny house all around my area.  I’m really happy with the one I found because I don’t really need a huge fridge.  I’m not the best cook, so I’ll just keep it stocked with drinks and ice cream.

I’m really hoping that I didn’t make the wrong decision living by myself in my apartment.  I’ll really make an effort to get to know people during my first week of school.

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