Heading Off To College


Follow me on my journey as I leave home and head off to college in Florida!  I’ve always been a homebody so this will be a huge change for me.  Come September, I will be enrolled in college and starting classes!  But first, I’m currently apartment hunting in Florida because I get anxiety living with other people.  I’ve got to shopping for new furniture, appliances and decoration for my soon to be apartment.

I wanted to start blogging before I got to college, in case I wouldn’t have time in the first few weeks.  I’ve heard that college is the best time of your life, and you should fully live it up.  That’s what I plan to do!

As for academics, I will be studying political science and philosophy.  I’m already signed up for classes, and apparently the biggest class I will have is 800 students.  That is just insane, but I’m looking forward to the whole college experience!  Stay tuned for more posts on apartment hunting and decorating!

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